Friday, November 6, 2009

Palisade Hotel 04.11.09

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I had to visit the Rocks today and thought I’d grab a quick shot of one of my favourite (now boarded up) pubs.

The Palisade Hotel was built in 1912 and became popular with labourers working on the Sydney Harbour Bridge from 1923 to 1932.*

It’s one of Gav’s favourites (see beer post below) and became popular with me from about 1990 onwards.

The bench seat that was at the front of the pub was an ideal spot to while away a warm summers evening whilst drinking a few cold beers and watching the sunset tint the dark grays of the Harbour Bridge with oranges and reds.

It’s been closed for sometime now, I hope that it soon returns as real pub and not some refurbed, interior designed fake bar for patrons with more money than sense.



  1. No way - I can't believe it's shut down - 'twas indeed a gem of a boozer

  2. WHAT!!!??? Shut down????
    I'm with you on the second coming as a real bar though, don't ever want to hear someone ordering a schmiddy in there...

    BTW, just came back to your blog thinking you'd been quiet and found a ton of shit I hadn't seen yet. Get the facebook linky thing going like the chap above.