Sunday, February 28, 2010

Self Portrait 27.02.10

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I'm wondering how close the brewing process reflects everyday life?

How often do you feel life's put you through the mill? I often find myself overheated and in need of cooling because I've been in a state of fermentation for too long! Then  there's the maturation (that's fun) and I guess in the end all those good ideas, plans and ambitions end up filtered, cleaned up and not quite the same as the original.

Anyway what's good about this tiny study into the way life trundles the human condition  through time is that there's always some relief at hand, looks like the message is, you just have to look for it!   


  1. I knew life wasn't a box of chocolates, just didn't realise it was actually a pint of home-brew!

  2. Seems some get stuck at the maturation point for too long ;) (Juliet)

  3. Great post - I always like a bit of homespun philosophy..