Monday, March 14, 2011

Bloody Hawkwind!

Left to Right: CC, RadioActiveMan and Me
One photo by CC.


  1. I was just inspired to look for this on YouTube and found this classic exchange of views:

    1) "Someone told me that Wrestler Mick McManus co-wrote a lot of Hawkwind's earlier material.
    Can someone confirm this?"
    orriblebob 1 month ago

    2) "@orriblebob: I'm afraid someone's been winding you up, I thought this old one died long ago, but it sounds like a few idiots have believed it. The original 7" is actually credited to Bob Calvert & S Macmanus. Dave Brock used his then wife Sylvia Macmanus' maiden name for credits. So you can probably work out for yourself how it all started. I wouldn't mind but the surname isn't even the same spelling.
    Do me a favour, go back and tell whoever told you this that they're a complete moron."
    rp61wasinnocentok 1 month ago